Quantified logical forms

Using the predicates listed for each assertion, “translate” each of the following into quantified logical form.

  • 1. No managers are sympathetic. (Mx, Sx)
  • 2. Everything is in its right place. (Rx)
  • 3. Some cell phones have no service here. (Cx, Sx)
  • 4. Not everything is settled. (Sx)
  • 5. Radiohead concerts are amazing. (Rx, Ax)
  • 6. Nothing is everlasting. (Ex)
  • 7. Not every earthquake is destructive. (Ex, Dx)
  • 8. Very few people do not like Mac computers. (Px, Mx)
  • 9. Only registered voters can vote in the next election. (Rx, Vx)
  • 10. Not everyone disapproves (i.e., does not approve) of the president’s cabinet selections. (Ax)

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