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Education is a broad term but it generally refers to the process of learning and acquiring information, which can be either through formal learning like in schools or universities or through informal learning like the kind we get in “life experiences.” Countries around the world place a high value on education, particularly the formal kind, as it is widely believed that it makes people more productive and better contributors to society. As public policy, debates about education range from issues of curriculum design and implementation, allocation of money and resources, labor disputes between administrators and teachers, and education’s role in addressing racial and gender discrimination.

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Research an educational issue from the perspective of a researcher in your own major field. For example, a sociology major might investigate how a certain kind of educational policy could affect society. An additional option would be that any major could also look at how his or her own major views education within that discipline, like how their own major should be taught. For example, a major in engineering could look at how people in that discipline view the way the new generation of engineers should be taught or trained, or a business major might discuss the issue of whether business ethics should play a bigger role in MBA programs.

Your research may result in an argumentative essay depending on your topic, but it does not have to.  Instead, you may focus on informing your reader about a relatively unknown aspect of the education debate and its significance.

The goal of your essay is to inform your readers (your classmates) about one way that your field is connected to education or an educational issue that you choose to focus on. This essay will require you to conduct library research and acknowledge sources using the MLA or APA research format.


You will need to provide background information or context for the educational topic you have chosen. You will also need to present and integrate research on this topic and its connection to your field of study. You may include class readings among your sources. You will need to develop a thesis that is supportable with your research.

Although you don’t yet need a Works Cited Page, create Annotated Bibliographies for two of the sources you are using in your essay and add them to the end of your draft

Topic: Globalization and the future of the Korean language. I am looking at the status of Korean as a second or third language in the world.

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