Marketing – Consumers

Write 1-2 paragraphs for a discussion post.

Businesses understand that consumers have needs which can also create wants. For example, a consumer needs transportation to get to and from work. This need can become a want when other higher order needs come into play as follows:

  • A higher order need for safety will create a “want” for a specific brand of car or specific attributes.
  • A higher order need for esteem may translate into a desire for a car with prestige or one that promotes a more hip, youthful image.

For this discussion forum, you will complete the following:

  1. Search online to find an advertisement for a product/service that speaks to the needs/wants of consumers. Please copy and paste a link to the video or upload the image into your discussion post.
  2. Discuss whether the product/service is being marketed to a basic need or a higher order need. What needs and wants do you believe the product or service was designed to fulfill?

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