The relationship between equality (AV), and sex (kjonn) and party choice (partivalg) to be analyzed. …….

The relationship between equality (AV), and sex (kjonn) and party choice (partivalg) to be analyzed. Equality should be an index based on indicators work (arbeid), oconomy(okonomi) and tasks(oppgaver). Take care of the syntax with comments documenting responses and steps. Use the question numbers to show the syntax sequences and questions that belong together and comment lines to short explanations and justifications. Delete syntax sequences that are incorrect. Save syntax continuously.

1.    Open dataset hjemmeoppgave.sav
2.    Comment missing on equality indicators and define the relevant indicator values as missing.
3.    Make necessary recoding/encoding so that the high value of the indicators indicate strong equality attitude
4.    Show that the recoding/encoding is correct.
5.    Create variable antmiss to show how many respondents who have none, 1, 2 or 3 missing on gender equality indicators.
6.    How many respondents have missing on hhv-none and an/one indicator?
7.    Create equality index as the average of equality indicators Respondents with missing on only one indicator shall be valid index value. Respondents with missing on two or three indicators should get missing on the index.
8.    What is the minimum and maximum value of equality index?
9.    Create a new variable gender for kjonn where 0 = man and 1 = woman.
10.    Show that the recoding/encoding is correct.
11.    Create dummy variables for partivalg where d1 covers (AP, SP and SV); d2 (H, V, KRF and FRP); d3 (RV and Others); and d4 (Will not vote and do not know).
12.    Show with the d2 as an example that recoding/encoding to dummy variables are correct
13.    Use d1 as the reference category and perform a regression analysis with equality as the dependent variable and kjonn and partivalg  as independent variables.
14.    Interpret the constant term from the analysis.
15.    Interpret d2- coefficient from the analysis.
16.    Complete two regression analyzes with equality as the dependent variable and partivalg (d1 is the reference category) as the independent variable, once for men and once for women. Indicates analysis that the effect of partivalg is conditioned by gender? Explain.
17.    Save syntax with comments

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