4. Members of a freshmen orientation class take a time management test.  Their average time management score is 82 and the standard deviation for their scores is 6.  Using the formula σMwhat will σbe when


  1. the sample size is 25
  2. the sample size is 36
  3. the sample size is 49


8.  Assume that a test is given to a large number of people but we do not yet know their scores or the shape of the score distribution.  Can we be sure that the sampling distribution of the mean for this test will be normally distributed?  Why or why not?


2. Betty, an employee of Shining Sun Daycare Center, read an article in Healthy Child Magazine saying that the average 3 year old is 37 in. tall. Betty works with 3 year olds at Shining Sun, so later that week, she measured the height of each child who had just turned or was about to turn 3 years old.  Here are their heights in inches: 41, 40, 36, 42, 39, 38, 33, 44, 39, 41.


  1. State the nondirectional hypothesis.
  2. Determine the critical  τ for a = .05.
  3. Calculate τ. Show your calculations.
  4. IS the height of 3 year olds in Shining Sun Daycare Center

significantly different from the height given in the magazine.


Think about a study you would like to explore in your future or current career that could be analyzed with a one-sample t test.  To help design the study, please answer the following:

List the null hypothesis

List the research or alternative hypothesis

Explain what you expect to find if you ran the study

Explain what decision you would make about the hypothesis

Explain what a 95 percent or 99 percent confidence interval or the

mean would tell us this study.

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