The Vietnam Era (1963-1975)”

The Vietnam Era (1963-1975)” that it need to be answerd in the format of ( when? who? why? how? ) and any important info abiut the term. keep it simple and short.


Kent State (Ohio, 1970)

Jackson State (Mississippi, 1970)

Ho Chi Minh

Ngo Dinh Diem

Domino theory

Tonkin Gulf incident

Operation Rolling Thunder

“Body counts”

Tet Offensive

My Lai

Eugene McCarthy

Democratic National Convention (Chicago, 1968)

George Wallace

“silent majority”

Henry Kissinger

Cambodian invasion

Nixon Doctrine

Cesar Chavez and the UFW

American Indian Movement

Wounded Knee (1970)

Stonewall incident (NYC, 1969)

The Feminine Mystique

Roe v. Wade

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