You work as a consultant for a small consulting firm located in South Florida. Your company was recently contracted


You work as a consultant for a small consulting firm located in South Florida. Your company was recently contracted to implement a network for a local hospital in the Fort Lauderdale area. This network will be heavily leveraged by the emergency room when delivering care to their patients. Patient registration, X-ray results, blood tests, etc. will all be delivered to the ER doctors leveraging the network. This is very crucial because it could be the difference between life and death. As a result, the network must experience a very high percentage of uptime.

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As the senior network architect, you are required to design and implement a network that will deliver these services efficiently and effectively and implement measures to reduce the risk of outages. To do this, your network must be designed to leverage network management software for monitoring and alerts.

Using the online library, the Internet, and all course materials, research 2 network management application software.

In a report of 2-3 pages, complete the following:

  • Discuss each software.
  • Include the benefits and drawbacks of each software.
  • Make a recommendation to your clients based on your research of which software you would recommend and why.

Create a PowerPoint presentation summarizing your report.

  • It should be 12 slides including the title slide and reference slides.
  • 5 slides should be dedicated to each software that you are discussing.
  • Highlight the features of interest about each software.
  • Provide speaker notes for each slide.

IP 2: 2-3 page report including diagram

You are the senior network architect for a large corporation. The company has offices in L.A., New York, and Miami. The company has been experiencing tremendous growth over the last year, and as a result, management has decided to hire temporary workers to fulfill the customer service duties. You must ensure that a logical design is in place that relegates access to other areas of the network and improves performance. You planned on using VLANs and firewalls to accomplish this deployment requirement. Your boss wants to see a report of your planned approach so that she can make that presentation to upper management.

In a 2-3 page document, explain the following to your boss:

  • What is a VLAN?
  • What is a firewall?
  • How does a VLAN and firewall combination assist you in achieving the desired goal?
  • What additional benefits can be achieved from implementing VLANs?

Use a diagram as an aid in explaining the deployment of the combined technologies.

IP 3: 2-3 pages document; Network Design Diagram

You work for a University that has over 3500 students on campus. The you supports about 600 staff and faculty that are also supported on the same network. The university presently uses an analog phone system and the administration is looking to deploy voice over IP solution. Before they move forward, they want to ensure that the environment can support the technology. Your manager has assigned you and two other engineers to do some do an assessment of the network and based on the assessment results. Recommend an appropriate solution to support VoIP in the network.

Create a 2-3 page report that includes the following:

  • Switch assessment and requirement
  • QoS requirement if needed and why
  • POE requirements and support
  • Appropriate network subnet design
  • Description how traffic will be handled based on your design proposal

IP 4: 2-3 pages; 4-6 power point slides

You are the network manager for a local university. Every year, you are audited to ensure that you are meeting with SOX compliance. In the environment, you support more than 5,000 user accounts in the network over 100 servers and more than 1,000 workstations. The environment supports e-mail servers, database services, and many Web-based applications.

Based on the services that are running in your environment, create a report of 2–3 pages that includes the following:

  • Research and discuss steps than can be taken to complete an assessment ahead of your SOX audit.
  • Research and identify a solution that could be leveraged to automate the audit process of one or more applications.

Based on your report, create 4-6 PowerPoint slides that summarize the following:

  • Your audit utility solution

DB 2:

You work for a small computer reseller located in the Southeast United States. The company started 2 years ago and has experienced steady growth, which has prompted the company to relocate to a larger space. The network design in the old location did not provide for centralized management of resources and provided no logical separation for resources. The desired design will require each user to use a single username and password to access resources.

In 3–4 paragraphs, complete the following:

  • Identify an NOS that can be implemented to achieve this requirement.
  • Do you think this implementation could improve overall network and resource management?
    • Why or why not?
  • What would be an alternative configuration?
    • Which configuration do you like best, and why?


DB 3: 3-5 paragraphs with 3-5 sentences each

Your senior network architect suddenly left the company that you work for, and you are left alone with your manager and 3 help desk support staff who you are not too familiar with the network operation of the organization. You had just started with the company a week prior to her departure, and as a result, you did not have enough time to learn the environment with her. You heard your manager talking about the DMZ but you are not sure what it means and what its purpose is. You want to be ready to assist, so you are trying to write new terms down and research as soon as you can. He wants to deploy a new service in the DMZ, so you want to be ready.

  • Research the meaning of the term DMZ, and discuss its purpose in a network.
    • Provide an example of a DMZ.
  • Do you think the deployment of a DMZ helps to improve security of the network?
    • Why or Why not?

DB 4: 3-5 paragraphs with 3-5 sentences each

You are the new network administrator for a small hospital in your local city. Network availability and security are essential to the operating environment and are essential at all times.

In 3–5 paragraphs, complete the following:

  • Research and discuss a network analysis tool that can be used to reduce risks of network outages.
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using your proposed tool.

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